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In Topic: The Three Wise Men were Taoist!

03 January 2011 - 08:51 AM

First and foremost fasting is a way to cleanse the body of toxins.

This is so right... And I have done this myself, it takes a lot of control to eat right. But it is so worth it... I think it is something I am proud of myself for. Doing without, will others are not. Isn't easy, but it was, and is rewarding. And I lost weight...lol
Hugs Mel

In Topic: The Enlightened Sage

03 January 2011 - 08:33 AM

Buddhism offers the most comprehensive and systematic path that leads to freedom from torment, guilt and angst. Freedom from such states instigates a return to affliction-free sanity. Being free from afflictive emotions and thoughts, there is no longer any relevance to question whether this man, The Buddha, was fully or only half-enlightened (half?). What matters is its a workable, sustainable, peaceful, non-harming, ecological philosophy, on so many levels.

Its a daring statement, but i would say that anyone who believes in philia, and who strives for peace and harmony, is, in my mind, a Buddhist. For me, 'Buddhist' is a way of being... not merely a label that lends a certain image to people. There are non-Buddhists who behaves in very buddhistic ways, and also, there are Buddhists who behaves otherwise. Its all about realizations, and how we treat and respect ourselves and others, and also, what our motives are. The Dalai Lama once met a Christian mystic (it was in France, i think... not sure, as i heard this a long time ago) - he gazed into this man's eyes, and immediately recognized that this man was truly an enlightened individual.

Hi there,
I agree with what you are saying here so much, and can relate to the truth of it. I really don't label myself to much. I find that not for me. And do not judge those that find labeling good for them.
I have found in my area of where I live, this is not the way people want you to live your life. And they seem to resent a person for not slapping a label on him or her self. I don't know why it bothers people so.

Why can't a person just be...

In Topic: How repair of loss of Jing is possible ?

03 January 2011 - 08:13 AM

Thankyou for starting this topic off :) there are many question surrounding this subject & if you could go into a little more detail that would be fabulous, thankyou.

Also anyone else chiming in would be great as well ;)

Hi there all,

I just wanted to add, I do know that there are things going on with OBE and ream sleep work, that have and can be used to cultivate your whole body and mind...

There are people out there who have become so good at this it is amazing... I have had people OBE right to my house to look for an unfriendly spirit that was hanging out. And they not only sent him away. They told me things that they would not know if they where not here. Like we had a leak last Summer, and they let me know we had bad mold under our house. This was true... I don't even know who these people are, any more than I know who you are... But I was helped just the same...

Now back to the subject at hand... There is also a group of OBE people, who know how to exchange there healing knowledge for Qi or Chi or other things they may need. In your spirit body you can do, and take more from another. Than you can in your human skin. Still there are limitation to this. Such as you can only stay in OBE state for so long before your body wants it back.

But I have found dream walking to be a new thing for me. But again your ream sleep only last so long. You can take things to keep it going longer like meletonin, or other things. That I myself haven't used yet, but know of. Like there are some that use. the plant bella to stay in ream. I know little about all of this really next to some, but I know it is growing the knowledge of all of this, and it is going on...
Your friend Melanie
P.S. I would like to add that a person that takes from another should always have an agreement with the other to exchange something in return. Or you would be hurting yourself more than them in the end...

In Topic: What will be the future earth society?

01 January 2011 - 07:50 PM


How would replicators change modern society?

"The replicator can make anything you desire". This was how Data explained replicators to Q, and he's right. Replicators convert energy into matter in the form you specify. They can create food, clothing, and small children (okay, maybe not). The ramifications of such a device are enormous. They would completely change the dynamics of society, especially the economics of it. Forgive us as we wax prophetically and imagine how replicators would change everything if introduced into our modern society, from their conception to their complete integration in everyday life.

As many forms of technology do, replicators would most likely slowly accrue component technologies over time, small, seemingly unrelated advances here and there. In the Star Trek universe, replicators are the direct descendants of transporters. Honestly, I think we'd have some sort of replicator technology before being able to transfer matter across space. And so in modern society I think this technology would evolve from another related technology such as 3d printers. It would at first only be available to the military and high profile applications but eventually someone would recognize the potential implications of the technology.
Similar to how the first computers evolved, I believe the first replicators would be very large and few and far between. Used only for research at first, the scientific institutions would eventually realize their value in the economical sense and would begin charging people for use of the replicators similar to how colleges sold time on their mainframe computers to those who could afford it.

Charitable Intentions
Depending on the breadth of the early replicator's abilities their applications could be extremely useful in the developing world. The ability to produce food and clothing at will could provide millions of people who didn't have access to such amenities we take for granted. The replicator would be the charity worker's swiss army knife. The Federation always had claimed to have wiped out starvation and the replicator could go a long way to making this possible in our world.
Can't you just see Bono replicating thousands of pounds of clothing and food and flying it to those in need? Hah, sorry U2 fans. But the point stands. Much of the issue of starvation is due to money and availability. The replicator solves the money issue, all that would be left would be to make it available to those in need.

Economic Repercussions
Any company producing any kind of physical tangible product would instantly have their eye on the replicator technology. Until personal replicators were affordable by people on an average income companies could take advantage of replicators as an extremely cheap way to produce their goods. In the process many people would unfortunately lose their jobs to be replaced by replicators (such as when robots replaced many people on the assembly line).
In comes a Steve Jobs like character (yes, I'm taking this analogy all the way) who realizes the potential of replicators as a consumer product and is able to package and sell them to a mass market. This shakes up the entire economic landscape. Stores would become irrelevant. Suddenly consumers can create food, clothing, gadgets, anything from the comfort of their own home. Producers of consumers goods would fight for restrictions of the sales of replicators but eventually consumer demand would override everything. Many companies would go out of business. Some companies will spring up around the idea of selling replicator patterns for clothing, food, etc. An economy would develop around this idea. This shake-up is similar to what the newspaper and book publishing industry is experiencing with the introduction of the internet. There's a lot of push back but eventually they realize they have to adapt or perish. This would be an enormous socioeconomic change and our society would never be the same.

Total Ubiquity
Eventually replicators would become a toaster, a completely ubiquitous device in households. People would become dependent upon them and cook less and less on their own (even more so than today). The chef would rise further in stature. The home cooked meal will be coveted and a special event. The replicator would even be seen as a basic human right since it provides access to all of the basic survival necessities. Finishing the computer analogy (I swear okay, I'm done!) the replicator would be in every home.

Even small children...lol You are on a roll tonight. I went to a technology conference years ago and they said that this already exist and the military uses it, on the war front. I don't know if that is true. My Military family "would tell me , but they would have to kill me" I don't know how many times i have heard that in my life...
It is something to think about though...

In Topic: What will be the future earth society?

01 January 2011 - 07:30 PM

But there would be a place for everyone, its all one world.

Maybe a Hermit city, where no one sees anyone else?


You are so making me lol... That was good. Can you imagine a city where no one can see anyone. That is so funny...