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Today, 06:20 AM

in my little corner of appalachia there has long been  welsh influence,

and weve always been able to relate with those from the Maes glo De Cymru



did "killer" say he didnt drink?? wth  ;)



http://en.wikipedia....Jerry_Lee_Lewis   some interesting tidbits there



The Killer is still going strong


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Today, 06:03 AM


In Topic: What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

Today, 05:11 AM



what i would like to know, is who put those on her?

In Topic: Is it possible for energy work to cause blockages and do harm?

Yesterday, 06:12 AM

ive always thought that before anyone begin any qigong or energy work, that they need to know how to properly relax first.

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Yesterday, 06:06 AM

:( The travellers in the book I mentioned above carried a shotgun each (!), when in polar bear country. Sorry, I'm off topic!

I bet they didn't have 'bird shot' in those shells either.

you are familiar with the phrase "loaded for bear" ?!