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19 August 2014 - 04:50 AM

on a practical level. TYS changes our mind, energy, and awareness which makes our life move in a better direction. i think ya'll can understand that i am reluctant to speak specific details about something this personal but

the change in me has been profound and at a deeper level. the things in my life that had harm for me or potential for harm are no longer in my life. opportunities have opened that are beyond my wildest imagination. each day becomes a truly fabulous experience, it humbles me and i am grateful. 

experiences will vary from person to person and this is one reason i havnt spoken too much about my experiences with TSM/XYP,  some Tao Yu have had obe at the initiation, i didnt. and i have posted about my initiation experience elsewhere. it was profound and confirming, it is felt. imo from my pov FFS will guide the individual in the direction or practice it is that  individual is ready for. we do not all enter into this process exactly equal or exactly the same, and if the basic practices are the same for each Tao Yu what is felt/experiened is tailored made for each individual.

but for anyone to enter themself with their own open mind and ready to begin a very personal journey with a spirit guide, well, that is a very personal choice

In Topic: EXPERIENCES with Xiao Yao Pai

18 August 2014 - 05:20 PM



I will give one example for now. and also i am not good with the terminology so much myself. and if i speak about something as common as Qi somehow it leads to contentious debate ,,,,and i can understand why so many choose to remain hidden.

but a couple of months after my initiation June 2012, which brings up something else i would like to mention,i have just over 2 years in with this system, and i have never ever claimed any knowledge and i am

at very low rank in XYP, not even level 1 and from my pov sometimes knowledge can get in the way. ancient sages have always said as much, Lao Tzu being one.

ok, 2 months after my initiation i was out on a friends back deck over a gorge in my local forest, so i was taking advantage of that spot and began meditation. the meditation didnt seem all that special, this is a very subtle and abstract energy though and it can be hard to judge, so there was a cat walking from around the front of the cabin, quietly, yet i was able to see its every detail, even if i was facing the opposite direction with eyes closed and i was able to watch the cat take its step by step and i watched the cat step from the yard onto the deck, still behind me until when i did choose to open my eyes there it was right in front of me in perfect step and every detail just as i saw it with my eyes closed. In XYP we enter into this with awareness and not in any trance state. we are fully aware and this is an example of what i experience in this practice.

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15 August 2014 - 04:41 AM

In Topic: Tai Shang Men---Xiao Yao Pai Basics

14 August 2014 - 04:28 AM

people seek happiness. if happiness is not achieved, then at least the people try and survive inside the universe.

surviving and looking for happiness are natural impulses for human. these are fundamental reasons behind Taoist spiritual development. also, people are curious about the mystery of life and this gives us 3 main triggers behind Taoist spiritual development.

1. natural human impulse to survive and preserve their life.

2, natural human impulse to be happy,

3. natural human curiosity to seek the truth by revealing the mystery of life.

based on these 3 aspects ancient people sought to improve their skill and knowledge.

with goals of survival and happiness, they studied the physical and metaphysical world to reveal the secrets.

they tried hard to avoid death and to preserve life.

they studied herbal ingredients to preserve life and even sought a magical tablet to make their body strong and immortal.

this is the root of Chinese herbal medicine.

they studied the human body's metabolism and the internal organs.

from this we inherit acupuncture and other Taoist treatments.

they sought to stop the physical decay that causes humans to age and weaken.

they developed breathing systems and internal alchemy to prolong life.

and we have heard of and know qigong masters that lived over 100 or even 200 years old,

but still they could not avoid death.

so, then ancient Taoists began researching death and afterlife.

from this we inherit Taoist  spiritual exercises.

In Topic: Tai Shang Men---Xiao Yao Pai Basics

11 August 2014 - 06:45 AM

i am going to skip past a few of what i intended to post in an orderly manner lol

instead of letting myself become entrapped into any discusssion current on other threads.


Other systems do cultivate jing qi shen and then begin their spirit cultivation.

XYP initiates immediately begin spirit cultivation.

Then we use Shen to guide us in physical and energetic cultivation. The core is spirit cultivation.