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In Topic: Tai Shang Men---Xiao Yao Pai Basics

Today, 09:42 AM

On Monday or soon next week  I will bring up another XYP concept.

In the meanwhile, anyone who would like to participate in this exercise/puzzle/quiz may do so.

send your answer to studytaoism@gmail.com and you will get some feedback from someone much further along with TSM/XYP than me.


*Journey to the past.*

Imagine we went to the past by using a time machine.

Then we were trapped inside a prehistoric culture and there is no way
back to our century.

We live among a primitive society that has no rules.

We have no choice except continuing our life inside that society.

The good news is, we are the cleverest and wisest person in this
primitive place. (of course.... :-)

So, how will we spend our life in this society?

There are some choices as:

1. We live separate from them

2. We adaptat and follow their way of living.

3. We try to help and educate them in living the life.

If we choose number 1 or 2, nothing important to discuss.

*So, let's assuming we choose the third choice.*

Maybe we try to improve their culture and educate them.

Teach them how to use simple clothes as body protection.

Teach them about hygiene and health.

Teach them to cook raw meat before eating it.

Teach them about partnership and marriage.

Teach them about manners and customs.

Teach them about rules.

And so on…..

We become a teacher from whom they need advice.

After we die, they write our thoughts and ideas in a book.

They then use it as reference to make decisions in their everyday life.

A thousand years later…….

The book becomes a holy script, our thoughts become dogmas and we are
glorified as a prophet.

And then the people call this way of life a religion.


Let’s do a puzzle;

After reading the story above which is a match with your situation?

A. My common sense and my mind cannot accept that story.

B. That story makes sense but only for other religions and not for my

C. That story makes sense and my mind can accept this possibility.

D. This story offends me and I do not like it.

E. Other……(please explain).

Please choose one that match with your condition and email to

Take note that time travel is not possible at present, *please ignore it*.

I just use it to* compare the civilization distance between our century and
thousand years ago.*

In Topic: The decline and eventual fall of the USA as world superpower?

Yesterday, 12:32 PM


In Topic: Tai Shang Men---Xiao Yao Pai Basics

Yesterday, 08:19 AM

Hi zero,


Regarding mental illusions, how do you put this to the test in your own practices? Or, more broadly, how does one put it to the test in one's own practices, no matter how beloved?


Your post is a reminder to me of the importance of self-reflection, as we can become blind to the illusions we ourselves carry.


Hope you are well. :)

excellent questions rainbowvein. I am well thank you ! I hope everything is going well in your life as well.

I will address these questions fuller as the thread develops. I will say now that from the beginning, XYP challenges us to test the practices for ourselves. to consider our own experience and that the practices are based on functionality rather than on faith. there will be confirming moments involved and Taoist skills achieved. 

In Topic: Tai Shang Men---Xiao Yao Pai Basics

Yesterday, 08:04 AM

So, our present self is a product of our upbringing, conditioned by local society, culture, educational system, family, and by the local religion. Chances are very good that if you were born in Thailand you are Buddhist, born in India you’re very well likely Hindu, born in Arabia you’re most likely Muslim, born in the bible belt of America like I was and I was brought up Christian, so on and so forth. And we develop beliefs due to the conditioning. If we follow the religion we become indoctrinated to it and our mind forms to that. This is how belief works.

Religions use their system to educate, guide and control their followers to be good citizens following the local accepted social norms. Tai Shang Men uses a different approach. What some folks refer to as “common sense” Xiao Yao Pai calls “Wu”. This Wu is the main tool in learning Tai Shang Men Taoism. We do not follow dogma or faith, we use Wu as our compass in life. In learning Taoism, the first step is that we must be able to stand apart from any concept and not be confined by any concept. We don’t look to get stuck inside or trapped in any box (conditioned concepts).Wu is a way of thought that looks to make the best decision or find the wisest solution in accordance with the situation or condition. Wu considers the effect of the act as more important than the act itself.  

The goal of Tai Shang Men Taoism is to regain our true self. We do not judge religions. We do see differences between those obeying religious teachings and implementing it in their life with those that emphasize the doctrines that confines their thinking. Compare those to the young child whose mind is still in clarity and not formed by the concepts of faith and what is goodness. We see that religion is human made and includes customs, rules, manners, to condition and form the thinking.

In Topic: The decline and eventual fall of the USA as world superpower?

23 July 2014 - 12:12 PM

no but I read it :lol:


I wasnt surprised to see my "governor" be against obama sending some busloads of illegals up here - after all, he's up for reelection in november.


all I gotta say wrt that fake and artificially created influx of illegals is,


No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

Article I, Section 10, US Constitution.



the 50 million dollar resort (and the additional 50 million a year in the fine print) to house illegal kids is just insulting.



almost like they are trying to get BS illegal unconstitutional activity going on that there will be an armed revolt, then a perfect excuse for martial law...and at that point, good a time as any to let the dollar fall off the cliff and say aw jeez, sorry, ya know, the margin call had to come sooner or later, and the market forced this to happen (perfectly mixing up action and reaction.)

well jb,

the powers that be need to keep adding consumers to the equation. and keep creating debt.

very few step away from this game, that flashing golden arrow, i posted previous, needs to keep flashing.

it really ramped up about 1950 and alarm was given by tennessee ernie in 1956. 

a half century later in 2000 the decline accelerated by dubya as he threw all of america's treasure to the waste land of iraq,

we wouldnt even need to consider cuts to entitlements if that event didnt happen. but cuts to entitlements is the way to keep the divide wide between the haves and have nots. and that is what its all about, always has been, excepting for those few rare moments in history,,,,,like our founding fathers foresight. 

speaking of pitchforks,



forgot to add the song, doh