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Mushin and Satori with Tristan Truscott

04 December 2012 - 10:21 PM

Is anyone familiar with this system, it just tried some of it and it felt really good.


The hour interview guided people through 3 steps  and explained more.

BREATH and Core, Pelvic Floor, Tongue and Cranium

17 August 2012 - 11:18 AM

I am looking for a good approach to breath and all the factors that affect it. I am interested in increasing my parasympathetic nervous system to help with sleep especially. I want to know how to coordiate the diaphram with other muscles of the core and pelvis, which need a lot of work anyway. I would like to improve all these areas in a coordinated way, but am not against hearing about separate techniques if they are great. I want to strengthen all the muscles for good posture to support breathing while moving, sitting, standing, etc.

I also discovered a connection to the cranium. When i suck my tongue against my upper palate and push out i induce the most relaxed and deepest breathing i have ever known. The breath reaches down almost to my pelvic floor. I bring it down all the way with some pelvic tilts lying on my back and then i can't get any more relaxed and don't feel like doing anything. It feels like my parasympathetic nervous system is then dominant for resting. The tongue pushes the palate out making room for the sphenoid bone at the base of the skull and top of the spine, which helps align the whole body. I have had the sphenoid adjusted before to his affect, but it doesn't hold because my palate needs to be expanded through orthodontic work. My tongue is starting to do that orthodontic work. You  might not feel such a strong result if you try this if your palate is a healthy size.

A similar kind of tongue movement is taught in orofacial myology which uses for orthodontics and neurlogical therapy.