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04 December 2012 - 11:31 PM

Kunlun and Jenny Lamb's Yi Gong are not the same thing. Yi Gong or spontaneous adjustment yi gong lets the upper body and waist move freely. Both start in the same position but Kunlun stays rigid.

Yi gong is a full system of moves.
Kunlun is half of the sitting practice, plus other things like Red Pheonix which is very advanced and not everyone can tolerate it.
Max made up a story about how Kunlun was created that his teacher denies.

Nevertheless, going to one of Max's workshops is worth it since the energy transmission you get might be necessary to feel the practice. People get better results after practicing with either of them then on their own.

One thing neither teachas part of those parts of their systems is a meditation and breathing. I have not been to Jenny's workshop so maybe she does. I went to Max's and he teaches one breath, but not a full routine i am looking for.

Overall, i say the seated yi gong is a great technique, even if done Max's way.