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In Topic: The Tao of a pointless crush.

30 July 2014 - 07:55 PM

Not enough of an age difference.


And I dislike your implications. I had a very good father, and don't need a substitute anyway.

Not due to age. 


I was just questioning why you are choosing unavailable love (he's a gay celeb and you're already married).  Oftentimes, that could be because a parent was emotionally unavailable...or you fear intimacy...or other reasons.

In Topic: Can we get a mobile version?

28 July 2014 - 05:13 PM

I hit "use full version" from my mobile and once the page loads "use mobile version" is in the bottom left, near the rss icon.

Just for future reference...if "use mobile version" does not appear on your page, try clearing your cookies and restarting your phone.  That should reset it to the mobile default version. B)

In Topic: The Tao of a pointless crush.

25 July 2014 - 10:02 AM

Daddy issues?

In Topic: Proper Taoist Grounding Method

24 July 2014 - 06:53 PM

Besides, since they were old-world varieties of apples, of a couple dozen choicest and rarest kinds (they don't expose the population of most of the planet to what those are like, to prevent food-quality riots), I wound up eating them morning till night, day in and day out, for a month.  At the end of the month, my kidneys were producing straight up apple juice -- and I felt agile and energetic like a panther from climbing up and down, up and down, hundreds of times a day.  This inadvertent detox wasn't compromised even by parties every night with copious amounts of cheap alcohol and not much food aside from those same apples baked in the ambers, and an occasional potato. 

Malic acid is an acid derived from plant foods, especially apples. Malic acid’s nutritional benefits are under-appreciated. The salt forms of malic acid known as malates are Kreb’s cycle intermediates: they assist in the intracellular process of energy production.

In addition to these benefits, malic acid may also assist cellular detoxification of toxic metals, particularly aluminum and strontium.

The malic acid acts as a solvent to weaken adhesions and soften the gallstones in the bile ducts.

One of the true unsung heroes of the health world, malic acid can give tremendous support to our digestive system, and help our bodies metabolise and detoxify.

Eastern medicine teaches us that apple cider vinegar can help stimulate circulation and aid detoxification in the liver. Ancient cultures often used apple cider vinegar to purify the blood.


In Topic: Help! Kunlun May Be Taking Away My Life (the good bits)

24 July 2014 - 06:39 PM

Allopathic doctors are probably going to be useless for 90% of the symptoms you may incur from spiritual detoxing.  Good energy and bodywork, psychotherapy, some herbalism and basic supplements/compounds will probably be your best bets.