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02 June 2014 - 12:43 AM

Personally, experientially speaking, the display becomes more vivid, intens,  radiant and real.

But probably this means that the energy of the basis becomes more evident and integration starts happening.

Intensity of luminosity does not mean that everything is real (as in truly existing).

Something Thusness wrote:

    John Tan Haha Jackson, u never give up.

    This heart is the "space" of where, the "time" of when and the "I" of who.

    In hearing, it's that "sound".

    In seeing, it's that "scenery".

    In thinking, it is that "eureka"!

    In snapping a finger, it is seizing the whole entire moment of that instantaneous "snapping".

    Just marvelous such as it is on the fly.

    So no "it" but thoroughly empty.

    To u this "heart" is most real, to dzogchen it is illusory. Though illusory, it is fully vivid and brilliance. Since it is illusory, it nvr really truly arise. There is genuine "treasure" in the illusory.

    I think Kyle has a lot points to share. Do unblock him.

    Nice chat And happy journey jax!

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In Topic: what is the sound of one hand

06 May 2014 - 09:33 PM

Something I wrote in 2011:

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Shhh.... listen!
The sound of one hand clapping is the whole universe listening.
If you cannot hear the sound of one hand clap, fret not.
The bird chirping knows... chirp chirp... one hand claps.
Music enjoys music... scenery delights scenery... scenery sceneries scenery. One hand claps... universe listens.

In Topic: How the Buddha Became Enlightened.

22 April 2014 - 10:53 PM

Thank you Tibetan_ice.

This is an excellent thread.


I've read many times about seeing a bright light in meditation and visions spontaneously arising from the light.

From time to time, I get some brief vision if I reach the hypnagogic state, but in that place my mind is very scattered.



In my experience of what is called hypnogogic states, thoughts do not remain verbal or vague but projects into hyper-real sights and sounds that are as real or even more vivid than waking reality, the sights and sounds are crystal clear and if you think about a place you'll be there and sometimes if you think about a song you'll just hear the whole song with its lyrics sung so clearly and you wonder why do you remember the lyrics better in sleep than in waking.

It is probably in such states that the practice of visualization in many spiritual traditions succeeds.

In Topic: How the Buddha Became Enlightened.

22 April 2014 - 10:51 PM

I've experienced bright lights as well. It's related to what Daniel Ingram describes in http://integrateddan...d-passing-away/

In Topic: No creator in Buddhism?

22 April 2014 - 09:25 AM

Also from one of my e-book journals:

3rd October 2012

Thusness told me that the stream of wisdom will penetrate into the three states eventually, many years ago. For example if you keep chanting something, or if you keep playing computer games, then in the dream these things will appear. Likewise when you get acquinted with wisdom, this appears into dream and deep sleep as well. This is the flow of dependent origination – ignorance flows, wisdom also flows.
This is another dream that Thusness told me to wrote down. It happened last night.
In my dream, I was contemplating something that the Buddha said:
"Bhikkhus, when ignorance is abandoned and true knowledge has arisen in a bhikkhu, then with the fading away of ignorance and the arising of true knowledge he no longer clings to sensual pleasures, no longer clings to views, no longer clings to rules and observances, no longer clings to a doctrine of self.[11] When he does not cling, he is not agitated. When he is not agitated, he personally attains Nibbana. He understands: 'Birth is destroyed, the holy life has been lived, what had to be done has been done, there is no more coming to any state of being." (MN11: Cula-sihanada Sutta)
As I contemplated this in my dream, I saw how when there is craving, when there is agitation, when there is clinging, I could project consciousness out of my body into another place, into the sky, into another realm, into another lifetime. I saw that this is how rebirth works - craving drives the entire process of becoming!
And then I stopped this craving-conceiving-projecting, and I was back where I was - on my bed. But I am still sleeping. And I instantly entered into this incredible bliss again (this happened a few times so far) - it was sooo blissful like the last time. But this time, it lasted much longer.
I can feel my entire being, even my face, is of this intense blissful vibration. After some time which felt longer than the last time (it was quite long and I began to wonder how long it will last), then as thoughts arise, the bliss begin to lessen until I woke up from the blissful sleep samadhi.
May all beings put an end to becoming and attain the highest bliss of Nirvana.
p.s. THIS is well said --->
29. “So it was with reference to this that it was said: ‘One should not neglect wisdom, should preserve truth, should cultivate relinquishment, and should train for peace.’
30. “‘The tides of conceiving do not sweep over one who stands upon these [foundations], and when the tides of conceiving no longer sweep over him he is called a sage at peace.’ So it was said. And with reference to what was this said?
31. “Bhikkhu, ‘I am’ is a conceiving; ‘I am this’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall not be’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be possessed of form’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be formless’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be percipient’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be non-percipient’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be neither-percipient-nor-non-percipient’ is a conceiving. Conceiving is a disease, conceiving is a tumour, conceiving is a dart. By overcoming all conceivings, bhikkhu, one is called a sage at peace. And the sage at peace is not born, does not age, does not die; he is not shaken and is not agitated. For there is nothing present in him by which he might be born. Not being born, how could he age? Not ageing, how could he die? Not dying, how could he be shaken? Not being shaken, why should he be agitated?
32. “So it was with reference to this that it was said: ‘The tides of conceiving do not sweep over one who stands upon these [foundations], and when the tides of conceiving no longer sweep over him he is called a sage at peace.’ Bhikkhu, bear in mind this brief exposition of the six elements.”
(Buddha, MN 140 Dhātuvibhanga Sutta)