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22 April 2014 - 10:53 PM

Thank you Tibetan_ice.

This is an excellent thread.


I've read many times about seeing a bright light in meditation and visions spontaneously arising from the light.

From time to time, I get some brief vision if I reach the hypnagogic state, but in that place my mind is very scattered.



In my experience of what is called hypnogogic states, thoughts do not remain verbal or vague but projects into hyper-real sights and sounds that are as real or even more vivid than waking reality, the sights and sounds are crystal clear and if you think about a place you'll be there and sometimes if you think about a song you'll just hear the whole song with its lyrics sung so clearly and you wonder why do you remember the lyrics better in sleep than in waking.

It is probably in such states that the practice of visualization in many spiritual traditions succeeds.

In Topic: How the Buddha Became Enlightened.

22 April 2014 - 10:51 PM

I've experienced bright lights as well. It's related to what Daniel Ingram describes in http://integrateddan...d-passing-away/

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22 April 2014 - 09:25 AM

Also from one of my e-book journals:

3rd October 2012

Thusness told me that the stream of wisdom will penetrate into the three states eventually, many years ago. For example if you keep chanting something, or if you keep playing computer games, then in the dream these things will appear. Likewise when you get acquinted with wisdom, this appears into dream and deep sleep as well. This is the flow of dependent origination – ignorance flows, wisdom also flows.
This is another dream that Thusness told me to wrote down. It happened last night.
In my dream, I was contemplating something that the Buddha said:
"Bhikkhus, when ignorance is abandoned and true knowledge has arisen in a bhikkhu, then with the fading away of ignorance and the arising of true knowledge he no longer clings to sensual pleasures, no longer clings to views, no longer clings to rules and observances, no longer clings to a doctrine of self.[11] When he does not cling, he is not agitated. When he is not agitated, he personally attains Nibbana. He understands: 'Birth is destroyed, the holy life has been lived, what had to be done has been done, there is no more coming to any state of being." (MN11: Cula-sihanada Sutta)
As I contemplated this in my dream, I saw how when there is craving, when there is agitation, when there is clinging, I could project consciousness out of my body into another place, into the sky, into another realm, into another lifetime. I saw that this is how rebirth works - craving drives the entire process of becoming!
And then I stopped this craving-conceiving-projecting, and I was back where I was - on my bed. But I am still sleeping. And I instantly entered into this incredible bliss again (this happened a few times so far) - it was sooo blissful like the last time. But this time, it lasted much longer.
I can feel my entire being, even my face, is of this intense blissful vibration. After some time which felt longer than the last time (it was quite long and I began to wonder how long it will last), then as thoughts arise, the bliss begin to lessen until I woke up from the blissful sleep samadhi.
May all beings put an end to becoming and attain the highest bliss of Nirvana.
p.s. THIS is well said --->
29. “So it was with reference to this that it was said: ‘One should not neglect wisdom, should preserve truth, should cultivate relinquishment, and should train for peace.’
30. “‘The tides of conceiving do not sweep over one who stands upon these [foundations], and when the tides of conceiving no longer sweep over him he is called a sage at peace.’ So it was said. And with reference to what was this said?
31. “Bhikkhu, ‘I am’ is a conceiving; ‘I am this’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall not be’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be possessed of form’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be formless’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be percipient’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be non-percipient’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be neither-percipient-nor-non-percipient’ is a conceiving. Conceiving is a disease, conceiving is a tumour, conceiving is a dart. By overcoming all conceivings, bhikkhu, one is called a sage at peace. And the sage at peace is not born, does not age, does not die; he is not shaken and is not agitated. For there is nothing present in him by which he might be born. Not being born, how could he age? Not ageing, how could he die? Not dying, how could he be shaken? Not being shaken, why should he be agitated?
32. “So it was with reference to this that it was said: ‘The tides of conceiving do not sweep over one who stands upon these [foundations], and when the tides of conceiving no longer sweep over him he is called a sage at peace.’ Bhikkhu, bear in mind this brief exposition of the six elements.”
(Buddha, MN 140 Dhātuvibhanga Sutta)

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22 April 2014 - 09:16 AM

Hi Xabir, :)

The projector... A few years ago I spent two months doing a meditation which Tolle describes as " sensing the inner body", every day, twice a day. It became my regular practice. During the meditations I performed samadhi on the sense of the life force that pervades the body. As a result of doing the practice, I found that every kind of event happened on its own, the arising of kundalini, the visions and lights (nimittas), great ecstasy, all without focusing on them or willfully trying to produce them.

After a few weeks I would go to bed and watch my body sleep, see the little mind churn away, see the little cloud of dreams appear, listen to me snore... From a semi-dark large space. Then in the morning, the only thing that I was aware of was the feeling of me, like a tiny spec of "I" in the middle of nowhere. Then, I would watch the whole universe get created and I would end up back in bed in normal consciousness.

I quit the practice because it was too unnerving, I thought it might be bad for my health and it was messing with my mind.

But lately it has come back and I am ok with it. I am this little point in a huge open semi-dark space that only knows the feeling of "me". Then everything goes whoosh and I create my reality. I am the projector. It is awesome that such a little point can project such a large universe!

Today I found a very interesting post which explains the sensing of the inner body practice which I got from Tolle


It is one of the most powerful practices I have found...

Thanks again for your comments.


If you are doing Self-Inquiry, there will come a time when there is no thoughts, no sense of anything... except Beingness, Presence itself, I think that is what you mean by You/Projector/etc. That Existence which is its own Knowing as it is non-dual. It is the very core of Being as Presence-Awareness. This I AMness is a transcendental experiential realization where consciousness is directly perceived as a pure sense of Existence. It is beingness, consciousness, bliss. The experience is intuitive and beyond the realm of thought. It is a non-dual and precious experience of pure consciousness, however its nature will quickly be misunderstood resulting in reification. Nevertheless it is an important realization. When you have realized it, there is 100% no more doubts about what you are, you will find that you have realized the very fact of your own Existence with utter certainty. Anyway this is the kind of realization that many teachers including Eckhart Tolle is pointing to.

There will also come a time when during sleep it becomes incredible an unimaginable bliss-presence which is non-dual. This can occur in dreamless sleep and in dream states, even in sleep paralysis (which will dissolve all fear into total non-dual transparency, presence/clarity and bliss)... from experience it will happen but let it come naturally as a result of maturing wisdom, there is no need (at least in my case) to intentionally bring it about.

p.s. your experiences with body, life-force, etc are good

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21 April 2014 - 07:32 PM

"All phenomenal existence is explained as being a projection of the original light that resides in the physical heart and manifests through the eyes; this implies that objective concrete reality is merely illusion. "

From Tenzin Wangyal's Wonders of the Natural Mind

I've found that projector a few times now... I'm not the only one, am I?


Actually this is good but there must be complete certainty of that I - that pure sense of existence. Is there is just a glimpse/experience without certainty or is there complete certainty?

This relates to what Thusness told me in 2009 when I had glimpses and experiences but not yet realization (for me Self-Realization occurred in Feb 2010):



1. On Experience and Realization

One of the direct and immediate response I get after reading the articles by Rob Burbea and Rupert is that they missed one very and most important point when talking about the Eternal Witness Experience -- The Realization. They focus too much on the experience but overlook the realization. Honestly I do not like to make this distinction as I see realization also as a form of experience. However in this particular case, it seems appropriate as it could better illustrate what I am trying to convey. It also relates to the few occasions where you described to me your space-like experiences of Awareness and asked whether they correspond to the phase one insight of Eternal Witness. While your experiences are there, I told you ‘not exactly’ even though you told me you clearly experienced a pure sense of presence.

So what is lacking? You do not lack the experience, you lack the realization. You may have the blissful sensation or feeling of vast and open spaciousness; you may experience a non-conceptual and objectless state; you may experience the mirror like clarity but all these experiences are not Realization. There is no ‘eureka’, no ‘aha’, no moment of immediate and intuitive illumination that you understood something undeniable and unshakable -- a conviction so powerful that no one, not even Buddha can sway you from this realization because the practitioner so clearly sees the truth of it. It is the direct and unshakable insight of ‘You’. This is the realization that a practitioner must have in order to realize the Zen satori. You will understand clearly why it is so difficult for those practitioners to forgo this ‘I AMness’ and accept the doctrine of anatta. Actually there is no forgoing of this ‘Witness’, it is rather a deepening of insight to include the non-dual, groundlessness and interconnectedness of our luminous nature. Like what Rob said, "keep the experience but refine the views".

Lastly this realization is not an end by itself, it is the beginning. If we are truthful and not over exaggerate and get carried away by this initial glimpse, we will realize that we do not gain liberation from this realization; contrary we suffer more after this realization. However it is a powerful condition that motivates a practitioner to embark on a spiritual journey in search of true freedom. :)