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In Topic: Confusion around "Kunlun."

Today, 07:38 PM

Most traditions offer ethical/moral guidance--- so of course Max speaks of such things (gently).   Most (I'm inclined to say No practice reaches.... ) practices never reach their full potential unless virtue is aligned with intention.  Being forced to acknowledge this isn't a bad thing.  That said, Max is generous.  Go through the trainings if you want Red Dragon--- he'll hook it up.


What do you really expect to find in Red Dragon that isn't present in RP?  It's just another avenue.  Not more or less powerful/better or worse.   


Red Dragon will purify every aspect of body and spirit. It can also lead to physical immortality but a choice needs to be made to truly manifest this end.  Red Dragon develops the same level of power as RP--- just a different path--- things will simply manifest and express differently.  The great beauty in red dragon is that the practitioner must eventually choose between power and God.   Power manifests so quickly that it can outpace awareness and virtue.   This is all I'm allowed to share.   



all the best.





Any adult should be able make appropriate decisions for themselves as opposed to having a guru dictate what is right or wrong.

In Topic: Confusion around "Kunlun."

Today, 06:18 PM

Max holds Red Dragon so close because the potential to abuse it is so high.  Demonstrate virtue and a willingness to serve, and see what comes to you. 



Does Max provide a list of moral imperatives that one must obey? Potential for abuse? How is that determined?  You have a need for a parental guru?

In Topic: Confusion around "Kunlun."

21 April 2014 - 09:06 PM

There are a few here that imply that they have received the 'Red Dragon Palm' practice and at the same time may be warning or discouraging others from having it. That is the practice I am missing. I have the Kunlun/Red Phoenix and if anyone has the 'Red Dragon Palm' and are willing to share it you can PM me.

In Topic: Theocracy Movement In The U.S.

19 April 2014 - 03:34 PM

I've always thought it odd that people imagine there's no prayer in the schools.  How would they possibly know? The fervent inner thoughts of a slient believer who prays for prayers own sake--rather than to make a show or political statement--is perhaps the best kind of prayer.  This kind of communion with the divine has never been, and will never be, against school rules.  I imagine that even more vocal worship, when conducted among friends in an informal way--say on the playground or something-- would also get a pass.


The only kind of prayer not allowed in schools is prayer presided over by a teacher, or otherwise formally sanctioned by the authorities, in such a way that non-believers might feel coerced into participation.  Does God only listen to the pleas of the devout when they are forced into divine contemplation by their math instructor?





The OP is in regards to a certain curriculum in high schools and in this case a four year course in what amounts to bible study. As I posted in a previous post here, Steve Green has a vision for this to be mandatory for all schools. The YouTube spells that out. Are you in support of this kind of propaganda/religious indoctrination for high school kids?

In Topic: Theocracy Movement In The U.S.

19 April 2014 - 11:25 AM

Steve Green Templeton award recipient preaching his bias. He claims that the book has impacted/influenced science and the arts. It has, but not in the way he frames it. The church has held back scientific advancement and the arts.