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Yesterday, 04:00 PM

Intelligent persons know and understand where hate and bigoted speech lead. History is replete with the consequences.

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Yesterday, 03:50 PM

Because what you were saying is not Buddhist teaching it is a misunderstanding of it.  You repeat this kind of statement endlessly and it makes me groan.  This thread is about improving the Buddhist section.


Are you lecturing me again? I perfectly well understand Buddhist teachings and making excuses from some higher cause is no excuse. There is much in the literature in regards to karma. In general, there are myriad interpretations. I don't repeat endlessly. 


Which statement is a misunderstanding?

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Yesterday, 03:37 PM

Groan.  For a start karma means action.  So actually the idea that your actions are a cause with an effect ... i.e. it matters what you do, what choices you make, whether to be kind and generous or to be nasty and greedy ... exactly these things do matter ... this is part of a path of self cultivation where you build positive qualities for the benefit of self and others ... so how can this be about shirking responsibility?


Why are you being condescending to me by starting off with a negative comment i.e, groan? As if I am ignorant? This kind of attitude has no value in these discussions. Since the early 80's, I have found that Buddhists in general, posture themselves to a higher cause and devalue/degrade others.

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Yesterday, 03:04 PM

It works when the individual 'jerky' karma is exhausted. How else will it work? 



To blame karma on one's problems is shirking self responsibility.

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Yesterday, 02:58 PM

So it's OK to act like a jerk along the road to enlightenment then?
How does that work?
Old Atishoo sounds like a bit of a dick if s/he did say that.



I attended many retreats beginning in 1988. And never have I seen so many adults whining and acting out. That includes many of Norbu's students.