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In Topic: Women & TTB

28 August 2014 - 10:02 AM

Found this article in which a town in Brazil is dominated by women and men need to follow their rules or else. Interesting! 



In Topic: New Bardon-related books on Amazon

28 August 2014 - 09:51 AM

There does seem to be a fair amount of literature on the subject in German which hasn't yet been translated, such as e.g. the books by Peter Dexheimer.


The first two here are in English.



In Topic: Women & TTB

28 August 2014 - 05:36 AM

Does oppressive behaviour really run rampant here? Or does it simply dot the landscape occasionally? Are the reactions overkilling the subject of women in TTB? 


Harmonious Emptiness  asked what i would do if i see a woman being accosted. I was thinking about it for a while, and kept asking myself whether the women of TTB can actually be compared to that victim in the underground scenario. I dont recall any exchange happening and me thinking that any particular female poster was being victimised, as in the male counterparts sort of gang up to bash a particular female poster. Perhaps its happened, but i really cannot recall, or may have missed certain posts. Topics where gender friction could potentially flame up are few and far between anyway. 


However, to directly answer HE's question: I have, over the years, witnessed such events, so its not even a hypothetical consideration. Of course i would, if i could, respond to anyone who's in distress,  but the thing is, if by responding to the situation would mean having to take down an oppressive person, then i don't see that as any sort of conflict, since my motive is to help restore balance. This balance can only be optimal if the engagement is accompanied by the sort of response that dignifies both the victim and the oppressor, in the total absence of bias. This absence of bias is crucial if one's aim is conflict resolution. Only then can spiritual qualities like clarity, true justice and fairness prevail. Of the three, clarity must be primary because some situations it can be a challenge to clearly demarcate between victim and oppressor. So much trickery abound. 


If you go back into off topic or the pit, you can read the posts by Aetherous aka Scotty in which he stated that women who have abortions should be put in prison.


There were a number of posters advocating forced transvaginal ultrasound by state appointed doctors before allowing a women her right to have an abortion. 'States rights' persons love this version of authoritarian abuse against women.

In Topic: Heredity and Karma

27 August 2014 - 05:20 PM

There are countless 'wild' fruit-bearing apple trees all over England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man... would these all have been grafted too, in your opinion? 


Look for a graft and then you will know if it is a hybrid. 

In Topic: Women & TTB

26 August 2014 - 04:00 PM

Intelligent persons know and understand where hate and bigoted speech lead. History is replete with the consequences.