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In Topic: Dzogchen and Brahman....Same or Different?

Today, 05:35 AM

OR sir, He may have made that comment because he knew what he was talking about.....The most obvious answer.


I have been on two retreats with Guru Norbu and He's not senile nor delusional.

I saw no trace of either and I was observing him quite well.


God bless you!



The most obvious answer? That statement is not provable in the least. Furthermore, I said "he may have made that comment" which is conjecture on my part. Not a definitive statement. Norbu has been living in a predominately Catholic country since professor Tuchi invited him to teach at the University of Naples.


Why do you make an irrelevant statement such as;


He's not senile nor delusional.

I saw no trace of either and I was observing him quite well.

In Topic: Malcolm Pees on The Tao Bums

Yesterday, 09:06 PM

After Tibetan_Ice returns from slaughtering all of the Malcolmites...


What does this have to do with the discussion at hand?

In Topic: Malcolm Pees on The Tao Bums

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

Ok I will spell it out for you. Malcolm has used TTB's as an example of people whom read texts, don't understand them, think that they do and then get into trouble. Well, it appears that the members if his very own forum could be subject to legal action from another forum that they attacked. For the last month or so there was a thread at vajracakra called "is it Dharmawheel or is it just me". (Or something like that) It went on for pages and pages. I noticed today that that thread is gone now. I was quite disgusted with the whole thread and asked myself how a forum which is even remotely supposed to be Buddhist could harbour such an attack on another supposedly Buddhist forum. People tend to judge other people not on what they say but on what they do. So, by permitting such a thread in the first place, Malcolm incurred some karma there along with the members of his site. I just don't think it is right that Malcolm is so arrogant as to use TTB's as an example of people who understand nothing when his own site's members suffer from the same sickness. Again, an enlightened being could see the subtleties and the distinctions that I am presenting.

And, to create a forum out of spite for another forum in a way is an injustice to all the members. You are supposed to perform actions out of compassion and concern for other sentient beings.

And tell me this, although Malcolm claims that he is against "privileged texts', he himself has told posters on his forum that certain topics were inappropriate for his forum, like discussions of practices and experiences. He has removed many topics from his forum. Yet, you will find practices and experiences in most all of the Buddhist books that you can buy on the net, so where is the reciprocity in that?

I guess I'm just sick of all he quotes that Simple Jack posted from Malcolm, like he was some god or final authority on Buddhism, when in reality he is just like the rest of us.

On another note, what are the dangers of reading secret top-down texts?
Some teachers do tell you and have written about it in their texts. The first danger is supposed to be misinterpretation resulting in nihilism or eternalism. There is a danger that someone reads that there is no self and acts like nothing matters anymore. Yet the karmic accumulator still keeps ticking. They don't understand the two truths, the relative and absolute and become confused.

The next danger is that of reification, which is enforces dualism, rather than promote nondualism. At the highest levels of practice, one has to shed even the slightest remnants of the belief in the self because that belief is a hindrance. It is important to realize that all experiences are empty and one should not grasp at them, for the grasping creates a seal or mark and at the highest level seals and marks are hindrances. Anything that enforces a Subject-Object relation is straying from the path.

The next danger is no danger at all. If the reader cannot understand the text, then they were not ready or evolved enough to gain any practical knowledge or gnosis from the experiences from the teachings in the first place. If someone is not ready, there is not a whole lot that you can do to help them, except perhaps point them to instructions for the persons of dull intellect and dull faculties.

If you ask me, the most shocking text I have read is from the Buddha himself. For, in it (if you want to believe that that is what the Buddha actually said) the Buddha expounds on the true meaning of emptiness, even to the point where he says that if you call him a Buddha, you have succumbed to ignorance for the very act of calling him a Buddha is a mark, and the Buddha doesn't have any marks. But this is not a restricted text.


The other danger of revealing secret texts, is that if the practices revealed do actually work, then it undermines Buddhism and the need for supporting the very structure that nurtured the teachings. In any institution a support mechanism must be built in to promote dependency in order to sustain the longevity. Otherwise, it would dissolve away and be lost to future generations.

The other danger is that of losing face or being simply labeled insane or lunatic. If you present secret texts which tell you how to walk in water, leave footprints in stone, there is the likely chance that ordinary people will think you are just plain crazy or that the "fanatics" should be locked up, burned at the stake or whatever. I still ponder what happened there, when the Chinese murdered 1.2 million Tibetans. It sure makes me wonder.



What you have summed here is exactly what the Malcom shills have done to the Buddhist discussions here for years. Very well stated!

In Topic: Malcolm Pees on The Tao Bums

16 September 2014 - 07:40 AM

I'm always amazed at how emotionally charged and angry some of the Buddhist discussions get. 


I think this sums up the problem of religion which applies to all religious belief systems. The operative phrase being "is the only". The quote is from CT.


The religious meme infects the human brain.





Buddhism is the only systematic path that gives perfect insight into the human condition while providing endless antidotes to delusional thinking & and practical means to free the mind, leading to peace and other sublime, bilssful states. Unfortunately you will never be able to fully grasp the truth of this. If you did, you would not come across as cynical, clinging to the past, and one-dimensional most of the time.

In Topic: Malcolm Pees on The Tao Bums

16 September 2014 - 07:36 AM

Sometimes anger allows transformation to occur. If anger is not allowed to surface, how can it evaporate? Moreover, the problem is not anger itself, but the repeated hatred of oneself for succumbing again, and again, that essentially cause more damage than that emotion of raw passion. Vajrayana teaches practitioners the way to see & tap into the empty nature of emotional energies and use their potent presence as an alchemical process to pacify negative habits. Those who form dualistic views about anger have more problems than the angriness that arise and fades, like everything else do. 


Why not keep the emotional outbursts and anger to yourself (that includes other Buddhists posting here) as opposed to spewing it all over this forum. Vajrayana is internal work not a projection to others.