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#529689 Internal Training w/Sam F.S. Chin (I Liq Chuan) in Boston, MA March 29-30, 2014

Posted by Prince... on 08 March 2014 - 09:29 AM

I wish that I had been able to attend the Western Retreat a few weeks ago. I am going to have to find a way to get out to Durham to practice with Ben's group sometime when I get back on my feet. It stinks that Sigung's son lives here in Nashville, but is not teaching.

#526185 What has TaoBums taught you?

Posted by Prince... on 23 February 2014 - 10:22 AM

When I came herein 2007 or 2008, I knew more about the Mopai story then than some people know now. 


I had the opportunity back then to study with Share K. Lew-- I came here thinking people like Pak John and Sifu Lew were a dime a dozen as long as you knew where to look-- boy was I sadly mistaken.


I met Santiago Dobles here and met a close friend who was also around to learn from Dr. Morris with Santi and Tao. 


I learned that Wang Liping is not a myth as my Taiji teacher said to me in 2008--and even though I've forgotten everything I learned from his students, I'd still love to make the trip to China to attend a workshop in a few years-- it would be a fun adventure (and a nice piece for my blog!)


I met Michael Becker here, had a chance to glean all kinds of useful information from his post, and can joke about how Kosta owes me a beer and a few good stories when I make it out to Greece. 


I've learned that the Tao Bums is whatever you make of it-- some people will come here and sit on the sidelines and talk about what's going on in the game--others will get in the game, commit a foul; get frustrated; make a good play; fall; get hurt; win the game; be the hero; but no matter what-- they've done something more than sit around and bullshit. 

#473564 Beginning Meditation | Kundalini Awakening | My Experience

Posted by Prince... on 01 September 2013 - 01:23 AM

Hey all-- 


Sorry for not updating... I've been really busy between school & trying to build up my personal training/kettlebell business. 



My thought about the push hands, is that even thou you sensed his intension he could feel the physical change when you started to neutralize, and he did not hold on to his intention so he just changed, while you held on to your intention to neutralize, and could not feel the change.


My Sifu would say that I started to anticipate-- I was not "present." To change with the change requires presence.  Thanks for your input!  :)



^ So, after around just 5 months of meditation, you experienced some degree of kundalini awakening with enhanced "telepathic" and "auric" sensitivity afterwards?  Not bad for "beginner meditation"...  :D


Have you been able to sustain those effects, or did they eventually wear off?  And what else have you experienced (quantifiably or qualitatively) from this opening since then?  B)

They eventually wore off-- I don't consider myself an expert on any of this stuff, but from the way I describe what happens, it sounds like something "went up and got stuck." I didn't want to come forward in the video, but David Whitley  (who was my KB instructor when all this happened) says the same thing in the comments on YouTube. He's since become a Hoshin Tao student of one of Dr. Morris's students. 



Very interesting. You sound pretty grounded about all this, which is good because K is just the beginning! Definitely keep going with this, I don't know what your end goal with meditation/cultivation is, but you can go far.  :)

Thanks, this all happened in 2008. A year later I took KAP 1 & 2 with both Santiago and Tao and left home for Seminary. I'll just say things got a bit interesting. At one point I was spending 6 hours a day on KAP, PSD, Yiquan, Taijiquan, and kettlebells.

The training was awesome, but I found that I really could not stand being around the majority of the people I encountered. I started having a lot of problems, some related to family issues back home and other related to my studies-- my Seminary classmates didn't think too highly of the guy doing standing meditation under trees and practicing weird kungfu all over the campus. I gotta admit that it WAS fun, though-- I'm a veteran, so I was basically being paid on my GI Bill to go to class, study, meditate, and practice kungfu all day long. The campus was like a big park, and it was up the street from a bigger park designed by the same person who designed New York's Central Park. 

To be honest, it's my goal to put myself back in that situation, but with something maybe a bit less extreme. As a personal trainer and soon to be nutrition/lifestyle coach, I HAVE to be able to interact with people (even some I don't like)


What I learned from this process is you'll have to face things about yourself and about other people that you might not quite like.


Prince, long time no see! Are you done with your seminar/training? How have you integrated it with your energy work? Maybe a huge topic. Shall I PM you instead? Mandrake 


Still working on this one. 


I'm not sure if I ever mentioned, but I started studying I Liq Chuan recently. My Sifu asked me to stop practicing everything else that I had done before-- that's not to say there's anything wrong with other things I've tried-- KAP, PSD, Longmen Pai, etc-- He wants me to become an instructor, so if I want to pick up that other stuff later, it's cool, but for now there's a ton of material to learn. 

#459660 Beginning Meditation | Kundalini Awakening | My Experience

Posted by Prince... on 30 July 2013 - 04:27 PM

Thanks...I've actually been a member here since 2008; I just don't visit the board very often. The events in the video actually happened around this time 5 years ago. 

#459235 Beginning Meditation | Kundalini Awakening | My Experience

Posted by Prince... on 29 July 2013 - 07:37 PM

#368734 Looking For Complete Internal Arts System

Posted by Prince... on 26 October 2012 - 04:09 AM

Sam FS Chin, I have not met someone who, with a genuine heart, exemplifies all that you seek, as much as Sam. He is one of the few who can actually demonstrate 'unusual' power so many others speak of, not only that, he'll show you how he does it. His understanding and embodiment of both Daoist and Ch'an Buddhist philosophy is also very deep. His family art is a genuine path into Dao.

I agree :D

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#348787 Mopai nei kung, there has to be an equivalent!

Posted by Prince... on 10 July 2012 - 05:31 PM

If you want to practice Neigung to improve your martial arts, that's not seeking power. At least you have a measurable goal.

Mo Pai comes from a certain region, and all of the schools that come from that region are most likely equivalents. There are other schools, other teachings that produce results-- the difference is that developed practitioners have not been filmed or appeared in books that have been discussed for the last ~20 something years.

If you stick around this community, you will see that there are people on this board teaching from authentic Taoist lineages. They don't advertise. They don't get involved with the "how great is your teacher" threads.

If you're interested in this for martial arts, I really think you should get out and actually look at what's available in the different styles. Some people just want to talk about fighting; some people want to fight and not talk; some people want to fight and talk; and some people are doing some stuff that will completely blow your mind when you meet the people with "the goods."

I've gone that route. It takes time, but I've learned over the last few months that a lot of the shit I didn't think was real is real.

So yeah, there's other stuff besides Mo Pai out there, and the people practicing aren't talking about it too much because they are too busy practicing.

#342484 Example Protocol to test Fa Jin ability

Posted by Prince... on 02 June 2012 - 07:09 PM

His whole body was mobilized by his opponent. He cannot hold his center position because the opponent's Jin is in full control. By the way that the people are giving advices, here, about Tai Ji, it seems to me that some are just totally lack of the knowledge about Jin or Fa Jin.

Right, He said he was only going to play "at my level." He  pointed out that I'm really tense from my kettlebell workouts with my clients and will have to learn to balance my own training with IMA. Even still, I'm leaning because I'm being pushed and/or pulled. One minute he was a brick wall and the next he was a magnet.

There was a lot that was demonstrated with him that he asked us not to share, so I will just say that I witness various things that others have mentioned here.

Anyway, this guy has basically adopted my Taiji club here. I also have another teacher who I mentioned as being a former student of Michael Phillips. He is really freaking good, too!

I guess maybe this video falls more in line with this thread-- this is just a demonstration of different kinds of Fajin only using different parts of the body-- none of the stuff above our paygrades. There were some other demonstrations that were flat out scary, though.

#342421 Example Protocol to test Fa Jin ability

Posted by Prince... on 02 June 2012 - 11:18 AM

LOL not quite the way it went down.  I just challenged MP & co. to back up their claims of super-powered martial arts ability (aka light or no-touch fajin) by showing clips of them doing it in either full contact fighting or in a fully controlled scientific environment.

Needless to say they cried foul and dumped their typically responses at me.  ;)

A serious question that should be raised: If they were able to support their claims, would you still accept it as being valid or would you be the one crying foul?

In the last month I have had everything I basically understood about Taiji and all this "energy cultivation stuff" turned upside down by 2 of my new teachers. Ironically one of them is a former student of Mr. Michael Phillips.

I am going to say this as it was said to me-- Michael can fight. All the 18 pages of posts saying he would probably get his teeth knocked out? Unless you have a higher level of skill than he has, I suggest not sharing your opinion with him. I interact with Michael Phillips, Adam Mizner, and a number of other people considered to be "high level instructors" all of the time on Facebook, and I've seen Michael get really nasty with people even for an old man with some injuries.

Is what he's doing real? He pushes people, they jump back...sure. How is he generating the power to do so? That is above my paygrade right now. Will it work on everyone? Not if you're above his paygrade or at least know how to neutralize what he's doing to issue his force.

I'll submit a video of me "trying" to push with one of the best people I've ever met. Physically I'm much stronger and faster than this person, but there was nothing I could do to him. His words were,"I'm only going to play at your level and not use any energy at all."

So this is just something for those people searching for answers concerning whether or not all of this "Taiji stuff" is real or not.

#342141 Lama Dondrup Dorje

Posted by Prince... on 01 June 2012 - 02:53 AM

Had to laugh at this. This is absolutely hilarious. This is none other than Peter Yeung who hails from Newcastle in England. He is a FAKE. He is a master of having his photograph taken with respected martial artists and spiritual leaders and then making up titles for himself. He also used to beat up his students in his Wing Chun class. A bully,liar and a cheat. Stay well clear!!  :lol: :lol:  :lol:  :lol:



#334952 Who to train with?

Posted by Prince... on 22 April 2012 - 09:42 AM

Thank you, chi2012. Hmm, I can't find much on Bapak Muhammad.

"Bapak Muhammad" is like saying Sigung Jeff-- it's just a title, not his actual name. You're probably not going to find anything about him on the net which is why I said to contact Santiago if you are interested in traditional Sufi healing/energy work.

So just a short anecdote-- a middle-aged Chinese guy comes to my Taiji class on push hands day to play with the club. He easily tosses my teacher around who easily tosses us around. No one can touch this guy, but he barely touches everyone and sends them flying. He says,"I'm just a student with very little skill compared to my teacher." Someone asks who his teacher is-- he says no one that anyone has ever heard of.

That's just something to think about whenever these posts come up about who is the best to train with/study under-- the best is probably someone not teaching big seminar/retreats in Hawaii and creating fancy websites to talk about what they have to teach.

#333855 The Path of the Christian Gnostics

Posted by Prince... on 18 April 2012 - 09:14 AM

There's really no need to go out looking for "original Gnostic" teachings or groups. Think about what Gnosticism actually is-- inner knowing/knowledge. Why do you need to be taught anything? Why does there need to be groups practicing? You can be in "The Church" and be a practicing Gnostic. Don't think it's possible?

When I was a 3.5 student at Seminary, I was studying Taiji from a Yang Family disciple, Yiquan, and taking KAP with Tao and Santiago.

I never exeperienced persecution-- it was more just bad experiences with some of my classmates. After awhile you get tired of being the "weird guy." Do you want to go to chapel and get hit with kriyas that last for hours? Try explaining to your classmates why your body is shaking uncontrollably.

Anyway, my original point-- when you notice trends that exist in all the contemplative traditions, you will realize that it's possible to do all this stuff within a Christian context. What is the difference between a Catholic praying the rosary beads, an Orthodox saying the Jesus prayer with their prayer knots, and a Buddhist meditating with their beads? There really is not a whole lot of difference.

Anyway, there are Gnostic groups out there, and there are Christian groups for opening up kundalini. I was contacted by a group in Cyprus which practices an early Byzantine form of Christianity. A lot of their practices are similar to things taught in KAP, but much more detailed. They even get into how to bilocate, healing the sick, and travelling to other dimensions (plane of emotions, spirit plane, etc.)

There is also Phillip St. Romain who has a book called "Kundalini for Christians" where he talks about his Kundalini Awakening that took place in the 80s following a Catholic Pentecostal Revival.

#332319 Normal Breathing vs. Reverse Breathing

Posted by Prince... on 09 April 2012 - 06:43 PM

Also..does anyone know what type of breathing techniques were used in Liping's Dragon's Gate training?

It depends on what exercise you're doing. I tell everyone considering studying Master Wang's material to learn to sit and breathe naturally. If you can't do that, you really won't get much out of the other stuff. That bears repeating numerous times on this board for just about every practice worth doing.

I assume that you study Southern Preying Mantis? I did Jook Lum for a little while-- there is a lot of reverse breathing for power generation in this style. All the "suck & spit" stuff, developing the mantis body requires reverse breathing. It would make sense to me to practice this every chance I got... when I was doing Southern Mantis, my Qigong, my sitting practice, my standing practice--everything was done using reverse breathing.

If you just picked the name for no other reason, then my bad.


Posted by Prince... on 08 April 2012 - 11:45 AM

Just my impression of Kostas from his writings: I don't think he gives a shit one way or the other what people on the net say about him or his writing. Isn't this the same guy who basically pissed off ninja fanboys and girls all over the world? Greece is in enough shit as it is already with the economic problems. Good on you for sticking up for your friend, though.

#330918 NOTICE: Master Wang Liping 2012 US Intensive

Posted by Prince... on 02 April 2012 - 11:17 AM

It seems like every time this happens it is a matter of somebody says we're trying to get this together for then, people in turn say wonderful, master wang is coming!  yipeeeee!

Exactly, because this is exactly what happens. Dr. Sun said, "we hope to bring Master Wang here for a retreat next year." His wife posts online that there may be a retreat at a location that I may have helped pick while I was with Dr. Sun. Keep in mind that all of it is tentative-- what people who are not planning anything hear-- "Master Wang is coming in December!"

Guess what? I was planning to host Master Fong Ha for a seminar last Fall. I contacted him, informed him that he is kungfu brothers with my Sitaigung, he agrees to come. So we have an agreement on both sides for a possible seminar-- sometimes shit happens. Seminars are hard to plan.

Anyway, like I said in a previous post-- Ms. DragonGate, you need to meet with Dr. Li with some other teachers present and settle whatever issue you have face to face.

As for those of you who feel misled-- you only have yourself to blame. Until you know that Master Wang is definitely going to be in Columbia, New York, or somewhere in between you need to chill out and just make plans to go to Europe or China.

man...this is why I rarely come here anymore